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Annette Schubert
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Deputy Director, Dietenbach Development, The City of Freiburg

Annette Schubert is deputy director for the Dietenbach development, a new part of town extending Freiburg’s Rieselfeld part of town. In 2007, she was appointed personal advisor to the Lord Mayor and project director for the first participatory budget ever submitted in the city of Freiburg. Annette Schubert trained as a landscaper before studying spatial planning at the Technical University of Dortmund and the University of California, Berkeley. She holds a degree in civil engineering and urban planning from TU Dortmund (2002). In 2004 she joined the city administration, working on the project group for integrated urban development. The group was tasked with preparing the land-use plan for 2020. She has also been responsible for the creation of the digital interior development land registry for the city of Freiburg.